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By October 11, 2015Life, Women, Zen

Today the great reporter Tony Ortega debuted my new video on his site The Underground Bunker. It is beyond an honor to be on his site so thank you Tony for that.

As you may have read earlier in my blog, I got sent to the RPF for being gay while I worked for Scientology. If not you can read that post here.

This video was  rough for me to say the least. This is a more than a peek behind the curtains into my mind. I have ripped the curtains off and revealed myself. This is still a very tender subject for me. It has been 13 years now since I left, Next month. That is a long time but I am still healing. This video is a part of that process. Thank you for watching.

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  • Melinda Dendinger says:

    I saw your video on Tony’s site. I’ve been a lurker there for several years. I’m a never-in who has great compassion and righteous anger for the suffering scamatology puts people through. I’ve seen a couple of your other videos and want you to know that I have great respect for your honesty and willingness to put yourself out there in order to heal, help others and shed a bright light on the horrors you and others have experienced. I wish nothing but the best for you and it makes my heart happy to know you have a loving family and the support to rise above. Thank you for all you do and I’ll continue to do my small part of spreading the truth about the CoS.
    Many blessings,

    • Nora says:

      Thank you Melinda. It is an honor to be able to help as many as I can.

      • Julia Rose says:

        I, too Nora have enormous respect and admiration for
        Your courage. I just now viewed an interview you gave
        Where you described some of the horror and insanity
        You were subjected.
        Is there ANYTHING that a person such as myself can
        Do to “spread the word” if you will, about the absolute
        Threat this cult represents to the community as a whole?
        I have never been in a cult and, thus my only role is as an
        Observer. However, the more I learn about this nazi-like
        Cult, the more fearful I become as to what they represent
        To the insecure,naive and gullible-especially to our young
        People! Any suggestions?
        Again, thank you for your courage and compassionate!
        Best. Julia

  • Elli Fordyce says:

    Thank you for your bravery, Nora. It will help so many.

    Bill Potter, one of my best friends in the ’70s (and in a band together for 6 months) joined the CofS, then S.O. He was calling himself “bi” at the time but later said he was actually gay. On the Flag ship, he even dated Suzi Hubbard, one of Ron’s kids; later he married someone else. Disaster. I ran into him again after he’d left the S.O. (without many details) and he was really messed up in spite of having had lots of auditing. He died quite young (we were no longer in contact) and I’m not sure but think it was a suicide. Since I introduced him to Scn, I have some responsibility for what followed, though I did try to discourage him from S.O. while I was still active in the Church. I hope people will see this who need to.

  • Kay says:

    In the 70’s I had a wonderful talented and gay friend who was one of the first OT 3’s in Canada. He was one of those hardy members who simply picked up his e-meter and went into action anytime a friend or colleague went into hospital or got sick. He worked with the international stars in Stratford Canada. Early 80’s – after the NOTS fallouts and recovery efforts, peeps were getting free repairs at Flag. I urged him to go as he had stalled for years. I did not hear from him for a while so I contacted someone who lived in his town. She said he’d been kicked out of flag and thoroughly shamed for being gay. He would not talk to anyone and was sleeping behind her furnace in the basement because he did not feel fit to associate with the rest of us. I was devastated and knew it was truly over with the church. He did recover eventually and wrote a book about reviving the power of the mind (unpublished), pretty well the antithesis of scientology.

    Your input is extremely valuable both on this blog and elsewhere.

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