This blog came about from a conversation I had with a friend, who told me I was so funny and I should start a blog where I could write down all my thoughts and stuff. So here goes nothing!

Who am I? I am a LADY goddamn it. I am a Nora. (If you have ever known any Nora’s you know what that means.) I am a Taurus, born on a leap year that was the Bicentennial and the year of the Dragon. I am a mother, a fierce friend, and the angriest buddhist that has ever been. I am a raging buddha. I am compassionate and kind to those I love but I am still working on that rage that overpowers us all at times. But I would say that I am more buddha than rage.

I am a survivor of the Cult of Scientology. Born in. Worked for, as clergy for them for 5 years at the Celebrity Centre International, got sent to their Concentration/ReConditioning Camp called the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) for almost 3 years and escaped. I am a realist. I know that a lot of that crazy rubbed off on me and I am still working on scrubbing it off.

I LOVE movies. I have seen thousands of them. I watch WAY too much TV. I have 3 DVR’s and I am taping over 100 shows. I sincerely learned more from movies and television than the cult I grew up in. Actually a claim to fame of mine is when I was 17 being a camp counselor at Camp Mendocino I saved a young girls life because of an episode of Doogie Howser MD. No shit. Because of the episode when he saved his girlfriend from Appendicitis and what I learned watching it I realized a camper wasn’t just throwing up because of shitty camp food. She got to surgery in time but the doctor said if she hadn’t gotten there then her appendix would have burst and she would have died. So take that nay sayers who say TV is bad for kids. You could save someones life!