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Growing Up vs. Growing Old

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I’m about to get real personal. Be forewarned that this post is going to contain talk about female body parts, so if you are a lady, a girl, or know a…

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Talking Scientology and taking the truth VIRAL.

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Well it has been a while since I have posted here. There has been A LOT going on personally with me and behind the scenes of getting the word out…

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#Scientology Homophobia

| Life, Women, Zen | 7 Comments

Today the great reporter Tony Ortega debuted my new video on his site The Underground Bunker. It is beyond an honor to be on his site so thank you Tony…


APPLE Live Blog!!!!

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Ok it is T-Minus 1 minute! Just waiting for it to start! Tim Cook has just walked out and is doing the intro!   “Monster announcements across SEVERAL of our…