A Very Public Announcement About A Very Private Matter

By December 14, 2016Life, Women

Some of you may have seen the latest video I made. In the video I speak very frankly about the fact that I am gay. And I wanted to address the question that I have gotten more than once about this subject, “If you’re GAY, how does that work since you’re married to a man?” Well it doesn’t work. That’s the answer.

Cameron and I have been together 13 years in January. We have been through so much together. Leaving Scientology, having a family, making a business together and so much more. Making this latest video brought a very hard truth to light. Even though I knew I was gay I was still not being true to myself. So Cameron and I had the hardest talk we have ever had, about us, and what we mean to each other. Our marriage was born with love, as were our children, and so our marriage is ending with love. We are moving forward with love, we will always be a family.

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