White People Behaving Badly

By April 12, 2012Life, Politics

Yesterday I wrote  a retort to Mansfield Frasier and his article on President Obama’s lack of minorities in his Chicago campaign office. Today on the Maddow blog they post this WHITE congressman talking to a room of WHITE people about impeaching President Obama. And just blatantly lie about his record and about him violating the constitution and all that. Just, in my opinion, the usual scare tactic, right wing nonsense, that the lunatic fringe right tries to get everyone in this country riled up with.

Now this Congressman, Todd Akin of Missouri, that’s him in the picture, is fine on talking to this small room of all WHITE people about impeaching our President but he doesn’t call for it on the floor of the house or in the press. Just in this tiny room where it is apparently alright to slander someone. Where, I ask you, Mansfield and others who were happily jumping on the “Obama has no love for minorities train”, are you today for this out and out racist cry to get our President impeached? Do you not see the irony of not speaking out equally about both of these things?

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