By August 21, 2013Life, Movies, Politics

The East starring and written by my new hero, Brit Marling, is a thriller like no other. Alexander Skarsgård is so good in this movie that I was really hoping that this was going to launch him as more than just a really hot vampire. This movie is a biting commentary on corporate dominance and power in America and the world. It is a movie about family and friends and people trying to make a difference. But it is probably one of the scariest films of the year.

I don’t say it is scary because it is a horror movie. I find those movies to be silly mostly. There is always some OVER THE TOP bad guy or guys slaughtering people or possessing someone or something. It is improbable and usually impossible what happens in those movies. This movie is frightening because although the company names are changed, this stuff is real. These are the things that are happening in our country on a daily basis. These are the monsters under all of our beds.

I hope that as many people as possible will see this movie. It is that important.

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