The DVR- The single greatest invention of the last century. (Maybe)

When I was a kid there was really only one option if you wanted to watch a show, be the one with the remote. There was no way to watch more than one show at once. There was no way to watch one at 7pm and then watch another that was also on at 7 later. Then the VCR came around and for those of us lucky enough to have more than one TV (Shocking I know that our houses weren’t chock a block filled with TV’s in every room as it is now.) then you could “Tape” one show in another room and all watch something in the Family room together.


So slowly but surely our house got more TV’s and more VCR’s so that we could tape shows to watch later. Now with the DVR that is pretty much handled. You can record (depending on what service you have) up to 4 shows at once. And in some cases watch those shows back on any TV in your house. Well, with my childhood background the obsession shouldn’t really come as a shock to anyone that I have 3 DVR’s in my house that are all Networked so I can in fact watch any of the 300 hours of HD programming from any TV in my house. Some of you out there may think, “3 DVR’s! That is WAY over the top.” Well yes and no.

Just a little tidbit about me personally, I am happily married to my gorgeous husband of 5 years and I have 2 beautiful son’s. The 4 of us live generationally in the same house with my parents. I have 1 DVR in the Family room, 1 in my Mom’s room and the other in my Father’s room. My Dad never uses it at all so it just acts as extra storage. My Mom’s is filled with TCM movies. Mine, however, there is no excuse for. I am actively, recording 40 shows. Yes I said 40. And that is before I even get in to the new fall lineup. So there will be an even greater need for the 3rd DVR. I am desperately trying to catch up on all the shows from the summer now before fall madness starts. That is no easy feat when you are a stay at home mother of 2 and are working in my “spare” time on renovating my house. I am literally staining 1000’s of square feet of fence when I am not typing here.

Thus my admiration for the DVR. I couldn’t watch everything without it!

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