SEXY #Scientology Part’s 1 and 2 And WHY Laura Prepon needs to Leave Scientology

By September 3, 2015Life, Women, Zen

Hey kids!!! Let’s talk about Sex . . . or the lack there of as presented to you by the Church of Scientology. In these two videos I am breaking down the insanity of Scientology’s OBSESSION with sex and what L Ron Hubbard REALLY thought about it.

Part 2 is Featured on THE UNDERGROUND BUNKER today along with two other videos from my good friends Chris Shelton and Aaron Smith-Levin. Check us ALL out!

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  • Ron Wright says:

    I do agree with you that there is a massive disconnect between Laura Prepon portraying a lesbian inmate and Scientology’s actively suppressing any homosexual lifestyle. It would be great if she saw the light and distanced herself from Sci, or if she gave up the role on OINTB. However, given Scientology’s ability to exhibit schizophrenia (mainly their ability to hold members accountable to standards from which celebrities are exempt), as well as the mutual need that each has of the other (Sci provides LP with a belief system with which she agrees and provides her with a circle of influence (other Sci celebrities); LP provides Sci w/ much needed publicity: a high profile actress on a successful TV/Internet show) it’s extremely unlikely that either one of these will happen. Actors and actresses are given a free pass & become exempt from toeing the line to which Sci members & Sci staff are held. Therefore, Sci will look the other way (I’m sure), since LP will contribute $$ to support Sci AND will (they hope and pray) be a beacon for Sci to attract people who are LP fans.

  • Alex de Valera says:

    I love it! Thank you. That’s a long way from RTC inquisition.

  • Laurie M. says:

    “I kissed a girl and yes, I liked it.” LOL
    Love you, Nora.

    Hubbard was such a hypocrite! How dare he judge and label people for their sexual practices after he was a member of some occult sex thing for a while.

    Thank you, Nora, for having the courage to tell people the truth about Scientology. It’s people like you who will hopefully bring down this organization.

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