By September 24, 2013Technology or Nerd Central

Yes it is true. I have iPhone fever. I always have. Since the very first iPhone, I have owned EVERY version of the iPhone.

This time they came out with two phones just to make me crazy. But truthfully the 5C is just the 5 with a plastic back colored. So I am going to pass on that one and try my best to get a 5S. To make things even HARDER I am switching from Verizon to T-Mobile and Apple has decided to NOT give ANY T-Mobile stores in the US a 32 gig version of any color in store. Anything above a 16 gig is special order. WTF Apple. As a fangirl I am dumbfounded! Sincerely! Why would you do that. Anyone who has a lot of songs, takes pictures like I do and has pages of apps NEEDS 32 gigs at least of space. And to not have any in stock?? That is just lame. Don’t punish T-Mobile users. They could rapidly become your most loyal.

Alas I will have to wait a while for my new phone but I will. And I am pretty sure it will be worth the wait!

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