Hey Mansfield Frasier it’s 2012, can’t we all just get along?

By April 11, 2012Life, Politics

Today Mansfield Frasier wrote an article that got my blood boiling! Read the article in The Daily Beast and read my response below!

To me this is the typical rhetoric against President Obama that has been waged since the 08 campaign. He isn’t “Black” enough. He’s too “Black”. They guy can’t win. The fact that a “Black” man is garnering support from EVERY community is ignored completely. I see Asians, Latinos, whites and yes some. admittedly not many, but SOME black people in that photo. But yes young, hip, white America is in love with the President. Is that a crime now?
Oh I’m sorry, so now White people are supporting a Black man and that is a bad thing? I am confused. My whole life we learned about Civil Rights and the March on Washington and we were taught that everyone is a person not a color. Now in 2012, when I am raising my own children it is ALL about color again? WHAT?

I find it hard to fathom that we are still roasting that chestnut in America. Get over it people! So what he has white volunteers. He has Black ones as well and Asians and women and on and on. What he has, in my humble opinion, is Americans working for him. Young, bright, enthusiastic Americans that believe in him and his vision for our country.

The Author here, Mansfield Frazier, is forwarding the centuries long viewpoint in this country that somehow it is wrong for Whites to support Blacks. That, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with our country. We still have the shackles of slavery wound around EVERYTHING we do. We need to, all of us, EVERY American, finally move forward from that. Support someone based on their policies and actions. Gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation have nothing to do with it. We must begin to move past this “monochromatic” view of our country if we are ever going to be free.

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