Coming to YouTube Growing Up Scientology: From Cradle to Slave

By April 17, 2015Life, Movies, Television, Women, Zen

Well I am following up on all my postings here and getting serious. A couple of friends of mine and I are putting together a YouTube Channel called Growing Up Scientology: From Cradle to Slave. It is going to be a place where children who were born into Scientology, and worked for the church like I did. Some as young as 7. The more truth that gets out there about Scientology the better. Because there is an avalanche happening right now. A tidal wave of truth that is being put out by every media outlet, bloggers, twitter, just everywhere that has been created by the momentum of Going Clear. That movie just busted the doors open and is going to allow us to get all the stories out there. The children’s stories have not been told and this channel will give them an opportunity to be heard.

Please check out our trailer and toss some pennies in the pot if you can at our KICKSTARTER or at our INDIEGOGO campaign.

Also check out a little of the back story on how this got started over at TONY ORTEGA’S UNDERGROUND BUNKER.

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  • Michel says:

    Thanks. Seen all you blogs. You are one of the most amazing women I’ve ever come acrsos. I live in England and really was considering joining after reading all the tech I could. It was seeing yours and marks stuff that stopped me. Keep up the good work x x

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