Why I can’t love Android as much as I LOVE my iOS.

Well it happened again!

Every so often HTC or Samsung will get me hooked with a very slick package. I will research the hell out of the phone and fall in love with it. Well most of it anyway. This time it was the HTC One M8. I fell immediately in love with the Camera. The features were amazing. I would have to download at least two or more apps to do that on my iPhone 5S.

Since I have TMobile and I can Jump™ anytime twice a year I decided to take the plunge and get the phone. I backed up my iPhone and went right to the store. Firstly the phone seemed HUGE to me. I am not a fan of big phones. I don’t have gigantic hands and they feel odd in mine. So that was a downside for me. The casing is gorgeous, all metal with a brushed finish. And dual Cameras on the back so you can get a Lytro like effect. I was SO looking forward to that.

Well after taking the couple of hours to set up my phone fully with all the apps that I had on my iPhone and get the ring tones I sorta liked, since not all of them were available, I was ready to go out and take a bajillion pictures with my new fantabulous camera.

Well that was another story as well. Yes I got stunning shots with the camera. No question. But when it came to using all the hyped features. I couldn’t get a single one to work. Not a one. No changing focus nothing. Because my pictures weren’t taken with the right settings. Well what are those settings? Hell if I know. I did the one thing I vow NEVER to do when getting a consumer product of any kind especially a cell phone, I consulted the manual.

But the catch was there was no real annual. It was just a tiny starter guide that gave me no real info. So I decided to just take the pictures as is without any embellishment since they were already pretty spectacular.

Then there was how I answered the phone. It was weird. And by weird I mean not what I was used to with my iPhone. I didn’t like how the apps looked or responded. All of the them were totally different.

So in the end I was left with a really pretty shell that held a great camera with an operating system that didn’t do everything that I was used to or liked. It lasted 10 whole days. I went back and switched back to my iPhone. I have written this down for anyone else out there who is thinking about switching for the pretty outside. And for myself. To remember NOT to do it again.

The iPhone 6 comes out this fall. I will get that. Why not? I have gotten every other version of the iPhone since it came out.


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