#TODAY Show revealing that #Scientology’s Leader Spied on His Father Using Tax Free Funds

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This morning, the LA Times had a front page story about how Scientology’s Leader, David Miscavige, used tax free funds from the church to hire private investigators to follow his Father, Ron Miscavige Senior’s every move. Additionally NBC’s TODAY show did an excellent segment about this. I am sure revelation of this comes as a major blow to Ron. As a parent, there are certain lines that you never cross with family. That is out of bounds. Not in Scientology. In fact you are ENCOURAGED to not only go up against but to destroy your family if necessary.

When I was on the RPF, toiling away, it was determined that my mother was a gigantic suppressive force in my life. Mostly because she wouldn’t let me join the Sea Org when I was 12, she had the audacity to want me to get a proper education and have the opportunity to be a kid. Additionally she liked to help me. Like doing my laundry for me and taking me to movies when I could go and GOD FORBID buying me outlandish gifts like Levi jeans and tampons and shampoo. She was REALLY trying to be an “External Influence” (As Scientology calls it) you know because if in the outside world I could have as much tampons and Levi’s that I wanted it was too much sway. Because I should just be happy with the shitty clothes and no food or toiletries that I had. If I were really OT I would just make my periods not a problem and move on with my life.

I ended up writing a terrible Knowledge report on my mother. I was made to do it. I was filled with false memories and anger over imagined injustices and mostly I wanted the pain and mental anguish to stop. If writing this nasty piece of work about my mom was going to make that stop for a moment then I was crying uncle. I hoped she would never see it. I mean I was just a lowly RPFer and she was a very upstat staff member. Surely they would just shred it or something. Nope. Of course she was given it. You know what she said about it to me? Nothing. Not a damn word. Years later after I left and she took me into her home to help me become a person again, years after that when I helped her to leave the church, she finally told me that she had gotten that report. That it had torn her heart out. But despite that she still loved me. Nothing ever changed that for her. That is what it means to be a parent.

I wrote a stupid report. David had his father followed and when the person following his father thought he was having a heart attack he told the PI to let him die. I am not even sure if that qualifies David Miscavige as a human being.


Here’s the video from the Today Show http://www.nbcnews.com/id/21134540/vp/57220625#57220625

Here’s Tony ORtega’s blog with Jenna Miscavige Hill’s response to this development http://tonyortega.org/2015/04/09/jenna-miscavige-hill-on-her-uncle-spying-on-her-grandfather-the-arrogance-is-astonishing/#more-21700



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  • Saddam says:

    I bought Jenna’s book and am ginivg copies to the public library. It’s astonishing the range and persistence of scientology’s malicious efforts to damage former members who speak the truth about their extensive experience within the business (insiders know it’s not a religion and laugh about fooling outsiders, or wogs , to use their racist-derived term, with the claim).Jenna has courage galore. It’s testimony to the vindictiveness of scientologists that they come even to a baby blog website to attempt to distract people from the truth and to damage Jenna’s reputation in a futile effort that simply reinforces the veracity of Jenna’s story with every attack mounted against her.Jenna and her parents and husband are all very strong people indeed to endure the persecution of this rich business that has a policy of stopping at nothing to injure its members who found the courage to leave.Somehow Jenna and her husband are managing to give her children the chance to grow up in a loving family with the freedom to be themselves that their parents never had it’s a triumph of strength and healing.And eventually the scientologists who are hired to spread vitriol about truth-telling former members or other critics end up leaving as well, after they’ve been exposed to the countless true stories of abuse and escape or stalking, attacks, law suits, persecution and harassment that scientology subjects its critics to. I’d love to hear more from Jenna about her own learning and growing through being a parent herself. Her life story is poignant and moving.

  • Ron Wright says:

    For us wogs, your blog is a small window into the obsessive and controlling world called Scientology. It is an out-of-this-universe world, to be sure, and I’m continually amazed by the goings on reported by you and by other ex-Sci’s. I’m very glad that you had the tenacity you did to stand up for yourself and to leave the living hell of RPF. Your mother sounds like a saint. Not only saying nothing to you about the “Knowledge report” which you wrote about her, but also to take you in once you were clear of Scientology? What an amazing grace she has for forgiving! Your mother obviously knows more about family than the CoS ever will. Thanks for the periodic entries about your experiences w/ Sci. And congrats on speaking at Going Clear and for making Tony’s front page.

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