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By September 2, 2010Television

Oh my there are so many good shows coming back this fall but there is an equal number of new shows that are coming out that make me happy that I have 3 DVR’s! Out of the 22 New shows coming out I will be watching/DVRing 17! How many will you?

Here is a Breakdown by day and Network of all the new shows:


-FOX “Lone Star” Con man leading two separate lives, one where he is married and another where he living with his girlfriend. Looks fast and intriguing.

-NBC “The Event” Alien thriller starring none other than Blair Underwood. Need I say more?

-CBS “Mike & Molly” (9:30) Sit-com about blue collar family.


-CBS “Hawaii Five-O” remake of the classic TV series with the incredibly good looking Alex O’Laughlin (Moonlight, Three Rivers)

-NBC “Chase” twist on the typical cop show, badass female US Marshall hunts down uber dangerous felons.


-ABC “No Ordinary Family” Michael Chiklis (The Shield) cleans it up with this family friendly version of “The Incredibles” meets Hero’s.


-FOX “Raising Hope” Martha Plimpton starring along side Cloris Leachman in an offbeat family comedy about an unusual family.

-FOX “Running Wilde” (9:30) Keri Russell makes her way back to TV with a very funny Sit Com with Will Arnet.


-ABC “Detroit 1-8-7” New gritty cop drama starring Michael Imperioli and yes it is filmed in Detroit!


-NBC “Undercovers” A spy drama about a married couple who are also spies. Hmm NBC not enough quirky Spy Drama’s?

-CBS “Better With You” Another Comedy from CBS for the relationship challenged. Starring Joanna Garcia (Reba)


-CW “Hellcats” Yet another inappropriate dramady about college this time centering around cheerleaders. Stay Classy CW!


-ABC “The Whole Truth” New Courtroom based drama starring Maura Tierney (ER) and Rob Morrow (Numb3rs)

-CBS “The Defenders” Another courtroom Dramedy with Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell (Crossing Jordan) looks like a good romp & “Shark” like.

-NBC “Law and Order: Los Angeles” This is the replacement for the original Law and Order that was cancelled recently. Cast looks amazing!


-ABC “My Generation” 10 years after graduating High School how closely does their life resemble their dreams.

-CBS (8:30) “$#*! My Dad Says” Taken straight from the Facebook/Twitter posts we now have a new Comedy starring William Shatner.


-CW “Nikita” Another remake that actually may make the grade. Sexy female Spy sure to please.

-NBC “Outsourced” (9:30) Comedy about and call center in India. Could be hilarious or wildly inappropriate.



-ABC “Body of Proof” Crime drama starring Dana Delany (China Beach) solid cast and hey who doesn’t LOVE a crime drama?


-CBS “Blue Bloods” Cop Drama and possibly the most anticipated return to a starring role of Tom Selleck. Along with Donnie Wahlberg should be intense.

-NBC “Outlaw” Jimmy Smits is back starring as a Judge who steps down to become a defense lawyer for the unfortunate!

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  • Crissy says:

    Nora, you have reminded me once again WHY I pay for HBO…there is literally NOTHING on your list I want to see, nothing. Not even the lure of Blair Underwood, sexual chocolate himself. A COP DRAMA, filmed in Detroit…sorry, I just fell asleep typing “COP DRAMA”…YOU on the otherhand, interesting!

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