Crazy HATE speech isn’t Free

By September 12, 2012Life, Politics

I am gonna take a moment here to rant about this HORRIFIC situation that occurred in Libya and Egypt last night. Firstly this is not an issue of “free speech”. Freedom of speech was NEVER intended to allow people to spread hate or religious intolerance. NEVER. Our country was founded by people seeking a more perfect union where every citizen was granted the right to religious freedom. Free to practice their religion as it is laid out in their texts. Not to have their religion mocked or violated by anyone.
What happened in Egypt and Libya is unacceptable and all those responsible should be brought to justice. The INDIVIDUALS behind this should. NOT an entire country, people or religion is responsible. Specific individuals should be brought to justice.
Likewise the individual/s who posted this hate filled video, that violated the laws and practices of a religion should be brought to justice for causing and international incident and for the deaths of those Americans. They are equally culpable in the deaths as the people who set fire to the embassy.
Mitt Romney needs to STOP chomping at the bit for an excuse for war. This incident is wrong on all levels but there are Americans responsible for setting the spark of this fire just as there are Libyans responsible for setting the fires. ALL need to be brought to justice. There is ZERO cause for an all out WAR with ANYONE over this. WAR isn’t the answer.

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