My Letter to the President.

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President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

CC: Senator Diane Feinstein
Senator Barbra Boxer
Representative Judy Chu

17 December 2012

A Solution to Guns in America

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for your noble words on Sunday. They were poignant and powerful and I believe you spoke for our nation. Our nation grieves for those children and brave women who lost their lives in that tragedy. I was given a spark of hope during your speech that something, finally, was going to change.

I learned today that Senator Diane Feinstein is proposing a new assault weapons ban. I am 100% for this and I couldn’t be prouder to have her one of my Senators from the great state of California.

This ordeal has gotten me thinking a lot about how this whole gun/ 2nd Amendment issue should be handled. Before I go into my proposed solution in detail I want to say that we forget sometimes that the 2nd Amendment was written in a different time in a much different America. We must acknowledge and take responsibility for our violent past and our violent nature. America is a country born of violence. We took this land by force. Killed or isolated the native population to make way for our objectives. We enslaved an entire race of people with violence and force. When this amendment was written there weren’t 50 states. You could go out to the “Wild” west and stake a claim in land that you “discovered” and to keep it you had to kill animals as well as people. There weren’t local, state and federal police like there is now. It was up to you to safeguard your rights.

Now we are an evolved society. We are innovators and dreamers and we have created the capability to go to the moon and back. We have made machines that are no bigger than a lighter yet they can hold over 1000 songs for us to listen to whenever and wherever we please. Yet for some reason, that can only be attributed to our violent birth, we cling to killing machines. We must move forward. We must not stay in the past. We are in a brave new world, it is time we finally took our first steps in it.

This assault ban being proposed by Senator Feinstein is a good first step. And that step must be achieved. The next step is gun ownership reform. Without using up further space here to draw all of the comparisons between current gun ownership and other licences let me just put forth my proposal:

Step One:
Guns and ammunition can only be bought and sold in licensed and permitted single function, aka gun shop only shops. No trade shows, pawn shops, Goodwills, Wal Marts or any other location, including online, can buy or sell these items.

Step Two:
a. Before any person can own a gun they must be 21 years of age.
b. They must enroll in a gun training academy.
(Since everyone is worried about the economy still this is a job creator moment for you Sir. Part of this proposal involves the creation of Gun Training Academies Nationwide that will be staffed with Veterans and other law enforcement personnel to put any prospective gun buyer through a course with theory as well as practical portions with guns. They would learn about guns, how to care for them properly and be required to assemble and disassemble them. Then they would learn how to fire a gun properly and do hours on a range. Minimum of 20.)
c. They would then have to pass both a written and firing test in order to get a gun licence. This would be issued by the states similar to a drivers licence with picture and address.
d. At this point a person could purchase a gun.

Step Three of this reform is to create a database of all of this information. A central Gun Owner Database which would hold their licence and test data as well as the serial numbers for all the guns they purchased. Similar to the database that holds DMV data. So when a gun is sold again by the owner they would have to file for a change of ownership just like a person selling a car does.

I would love to see a database of bullet striations so that law enforcement would know immediately who owned the gun that had been used in any crime but that may be too large a project for right now.

I believe the steps that I am proposing here are reasonable and would bring about a more educated and responsible gun owner.

Thank you again for all you have done Mr. President, and all you will do. I look forward to working with you to solve this for America.

With respect and love,
Nora Crest

Crazy HATE speech isn’t Free

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I am gonna take a moment here to rant about this HORRIFIC situation that occurred in Libya and Egypt last night. Firstly this is not an issue of “free speech”. Freedom of speech was NEVER intended to allow people to spread hate or religious intolerance. NEVER. Our country was founded by people seeking a more perfect union where every citizen was granted the right to religious freedom. Free to practice their religion as it is laid out in their texts. Not to have their religion mocked or violated by anyone.
What happened in Egypt and Libya is unacceptable and all those responsible should be brought to justice. The INDIVIDUALS behind this should. NOT an entire country, people or religion is responsible. Specific individuals should be brought to justice.
Likewise the individual/s who posted this hate filled video, that violated the laws and practices of a religion should be brought to justice for causing and international incident and for the deaths of those Americans. They are equally culpable in the deaths as the people who set fire to the embassy.
Mitt Romney needs to STOP chomping at the bit for an excuse for war. This incident is wrong on all levels but there are Americans responsible for setting the spark of this fire just as there are Libyans responsible for setting the fires. ALL need to be brought to justice. There is ZERO cause for an all out WAR with ANYONE over this. WAR isn’t the answer.

White People Behaving Badly

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Yesterday I wrote  a retort to Mansfield Frasier and his article on President Obama’s lack of minorities in his Chicago campaign office. Today on the Maddow blog they post this WHITE congressman talking to a room of WHITE people about impeaching President Obama. And just blatantly lie about his record and about him violating the constitution and all that. Just, in my opinion, the usual scare tactic, right wing nonsense, that the lunatic fringe right tries to get everyone in this country riled up with.

Now this Congressman, Todd Akin of Missouri, that’s him in the picture, is fine on talking to this small room of all WHITE people about impeaching our President but he doesn’t call for it on the floor of the house or in the press. Just in this tiny room where it is apparently alright to slander someone. Where, I ask you, Mansfield and others who were happily jumping on the “Obama has no love for minorities train”, are you today for this out and out racist cry to get our President impeached? Do you not see the irony of not speaking out equally about both of these things?

Hey Mansfield Frasier it’s 2012, can’t we all just get along?

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Today Mansfield Frasier wrote an article that got my blood boiling! Read the article in The Daily Beast and read my response below!

To me this is the typical rhetoric against President Obama that has been waged since the 08 campaign. He isn’t “Black” enough. He’s too “Black”. They guy can’t win. The fact that a “Black” man is garnering support from EVERY community is ignored completely. I see Asians, Latinos, whites and yes some. admittedly not many, but SOME black people in that photo. But yes young, hip, white America is in love with the President. Is that a crime now?
Oh I’m sorry, so now White people are supporting a Black man and that is a bad thing? I am confused. My whole life we learned about Civil Rights and the March on Washington and we were taught that everyone is a person not a color. Now in 2012, when I am raising my own children it is ALL about color again? WHAT?

I find it hard to fathom that we are still roasting that chestnut in America. Get over it people! So what he has white volunteers. He has Black ones as well and Asians and women and on and on. What he has, in my humble opinion, is Americans working for him. Young, bright, enthusiastic Americans that believe in him and his vision for our country.

The Author here, Mansfield Frazier, is forwarding the centuries long viewpoint in this country that somehow it is wrong for Whites to support Blacks. That, in a nutshell, is what is wrong with our country. We still have the shackles of slavery wound around EVERYTHING we do. We need to, all of us, EVERY American, finally move forward from that. Support someone based on their policies and actions. Gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation have nothing to do with it. We must begin to move past this “monochromatic” view of our country if we are ever going to be free.